Software Art

Stuff I'm working on,

Programming Language


A programming system to make creating digital, interactive content accessible to non-programmers (through a particular view of live feedback), safe (through capability security), and collaborative (through a new semantics for modular extension). It aims to foster a remixing culture.

Stuff I've worked on before.

JavaScript library


A functional programming library for JavaScript that adds support for things like algebraic data type definitions, common data types, and a more principled set of features for concurrency. It’s currently not actively maintained.

Desktop application


A minimalist, distraction-free editor for novelists, with a more streamlined idea of editing experience and some care about typography.

Fun stuff!

Programming language


Can programming be seen as literary art?

Belle is a small experiment where programs are arbitrary pieces of text only given meaning through rewrite rules (functions that take the program and yield a new program), allowing function to follow form in a more literal sense.
(Lang Jam project)

Interactive Fiction


A small simulation about doom-scrolling—except all content is cute and positive.
(2021 April Fool’s project)

Programming language


A concatenative programming language made entirely of emojis, with an IDE inspired by your usual phone instant messaging application.
(2017 April Fool’s project)